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Pool Cleaning services in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Coquitlam, North Vancouver New Westminster and West Vancouver areas. We cater to Commercial & Community spas and pools as well we do service Residential Pools.

We are Bright Pools and we have proudly provided maintenance and repair services for swimming pool and spa owners since 1991. We develop programs tailored to our commercial and residential customers’ needs. 

Bright Pools is committed to ensuring its customers can enjoy the simple pleasures of their swimming pool or spa.  Our highly qualified, experienced, and capable team has been developed through our active participation in training programs and seminars.  Maintenance employees typically specialize in either commercial or residential pools, further ensuring that our customers get the very best service possible for their situation.  Our repair staff has years of experience with various brands of equipment and keeps up to date with the latest innovations in pool and spa equipment.

We specialize in customized maintenance for commercial properties; we understand how important it is to be proactive concerning your local Health Department, to keep your pool operating safe and efficient without shutdowns.
How can Bright Pools be of service to you?
  • Bright Pools service plans can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Bright Pools offers very competitive maintenance and service pricing.
  • Bright Pools uses only industry approved pool and spa chemicals.

Company Bio

Bright Pools was created in 1991
It is a private, BC owned company

Partners and senior staff have combined experience of over 90 years.
Established, successful relationships with property management companies
Knowledge of and adherence to health board regulations and the strict standards associated with water chemistry safety.
Competitive maintenance and service pricing
Let us handle your Pool  & Spa Maintenance


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